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Best solvent to store in airless.

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  • Best solvent to store in airless.

    When I was 16 yo my boss would fill his airless with diesel when not in use. It seemed to work OK and was cheap. Since we worked in Montana, we'd save the diesel we'd pump out and use it to start fires.

    GleemPaint recommends mixing motor oil with thinner:

    Ratio: 4oz motor oil (SAE30 or 10w30) oil per 1/2 gallon of paint thinner.
    I've been doing the oil/thinner (it's pretty cheap).

    Anyone favorite solvents to clean out an airless? I use zylene when mineral spirts won't cut it.

    airless storage

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    Re: Best solvent to store in airless.

    Have you had any problems with a latex finish after storing oil in the hoses?