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  • large gap filling

    noticed today that Bondo has a home solutions line that offers no/little shrinkage bondo. Sets in 30mins.

    Was wondering if anyone had used bondo with mesh tape to fill large gaps (1/2 to 5/8 gaps) as a prefill before youre regular taping sequence.

    I know there is always durabond or other hard hot mud that could be used. But this bondo can be mixed in small quantities for touch up applications. It listed drywall repairs on the tub and was thinking this might be a solution for large gaps and or vaulted ceiling to strengthen the joint before you the normal mudding operation.

    any thoughts positive or negative that anyone could think of?

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    Re: large gap filling

    Silver Set 20 (20 minute set) is faster. Any hot mud can be mixed in small quanties ( and I'm guessing is much cheaper)

    hot mud is usually inapproprate for touch up - you have to coat it with *regular* mud or oil paint ( it burns thru latex )

    it you rock it yourself, why would you need prefill? :) (I;m joking here)


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      Re: large gap filling

      The Bondo material DOES shrink. Especially if you fill large areas. I just use Hamiliton's hot mud Easy Sand 5 minute and I haven't noticed any burn through latex paint at all. If you are worried, you could use Kiltz Spray in a can and coat it with that. Just remember, that 5 minute means gets hard in 5 minutes, not dry. You should really put a fan on it and/or come back the next day to paint. If you paint with breathable latex, (flat) you can paint if slightly damp.

      To mix real small quantities, just mix on top of the bucket lid or on your hawk. Kind of like making bread dough from scratch. Make a pile of powder with a depression in the middle and slowly squeeze water in it from a sponge as you mash with your 3 inch angles knife. When almost done, switch to 6 inch knife and spread around to fully incomporate all crumbs.

      Larger small quantities I mix by in small bucket with one inch of water and add powder while mixing to a consistancy you like. Dump onto your hawk and scrub bucket immediately and then apply mud. If you wait to come back to clean, it is a bear.

      If there are large areas of gaps, I use the 20 minute mud.