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Estimate question

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  • Estimate question

    Hi guys...

    Quick question...I am doing an estimate for a labor only drywall job. 39 sheets, material on site already but I need to move it from garage to basement. One stairwell, one beam to wrap. I need to hang and finish. I've come up with a price of 1.08/sq ft. based on 1248 sq ft. (39 sheets x 32 sq ft ea.). I am in the western new york area.

    Does this sound reasonable or am I too high/low?


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    Re: Estimate question

    For jobs 1000 to 2000 sq ft I get 1.50 a sq ft. So I would charge 1.50 less cost of drywall, and then add something for carrying the drywall downstairs.


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      Re: Estimate question

      Depends on where you live. I pay my drywallers $0.95/sq. ft for labor and material in Phoenix, AZ.