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Green Rock

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  • Green Rock

    I only have the need to do drywall work about twice a month, but I always use W.R. sheetrock in the bathrooms. Should I? Shouldn't I? Or does it even matter?

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    Re: Green Rock


    I always use cbu for all tiled surfaces. All other walls/ceilings Green Board is fine. Even with green board I highly recommend a coat or two of BIN Seal before painting, it seals the paper on the board and acts like a vapor barrier. You could just use regular wall board with the BIN Seal, but customers are funny and they want to see that green stuff because of what they have heard. "Oh, you're getting your bathroom redone? make sure they use that green "waterproof" sheet rock!" You and I know it's not waterproof, but if it makes them happy so be it. And don't forget green board requires nailing 12"oc for ceilings.


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      Re: Green Rock

      CBU's should be banned (IMAO). I wrote a JLC article over 10 years ago on CBU's and Dens Shield (DS) has many advantages. DS cuts just like wall board, and what you see is what you get (ie, you can see if the surface is sealed). I've done a few bathroom jobs where the vapor bearer behind the CBU leaked. With good old green board, the tile would fall off the wall and tell you something is wrong. CBU's don't care if the studs are rotting and toxix mold is putting rabbits to shame.

      I like to use BIN Seal too for tile surfaces, but when I posted that in the tile forum years ago - the tile guy (Michael Brin??, and wrote the book that starts out "Nobody uses the tile techniques I use.) Really flamed me, called Zinzeer, etc. I've had good luck with it tho.

      see "Working With Tile Backerboard" by me, Oct 94