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  • Install pricing for trim work.....

    I have been reading a lot of the posts here at JLC Online and can not find exactly what I am looking for.

    We have recently started a company on the east coast that installs trim work. We work strictly on remolds only, no new construction. We promote that we will install anything from base to crown and from mantels to columns. The hardest thing we have found is estimating quotes.

    Since the company is owned and operated by an equal partnership, we first figured out how much we want to walk home with at the end of the day. We came up with $400 a day, each. Next, when pricing jobs, we calculated the estimated man hours per job and factored in out net take home. If a job would take us two days (18 hours total) we would multiply each day by $800 ($400 each) and add materials.

    What has happened to us in the past is that:

    1) We would shoot high on jobs that we figured on taking longer then we expected and walk home with more then $400 each….

    2) Are able to work faster and complete more rooms hence walking away sometimes with $800 - $1000 day. (Not very often) or

    3) Lose jobs due to competitors who bid lower then us because we were getting used to taking in more then $400 a day. (in my opinion those who’s work is not as good as ours)

    Although unethical, sometime when arriving at a customers home for a job quote and we realize it’s a 1.5 million home, suddenly the quote goes up. I know everyone wants to get the most money they can and still get the job. Fortunately, there are not a lot of finished carpenters in our area so the competition is not strong.

    I want to know how our “rough” pricing compares to others. For example, crown molding is very popular. We tell people that an average room for single piece crown to be installed , one with no walls longer the 16’ (no scarf joints needed) and has 4 corners (no soffits or additional inside or outside cuts) starts at $550. This includes that material, delivery, installation, nail holes filled, painted and caulked. We add $100 per inside or outside corner and add $37 to each wall that is over 16’. The problem is this doesn’t always work. Some installs for large continuous rooms that have about 20 inside / outside corners we couldn’t charge $3700 to install crown.

    I’ve heard pricing for installing crown in a remold ranging from $10 based on linier forage to $200 per room, unfinished.

    Is anyone willing to share pricing for installing:
    (On remolding work only)

    Base trim-?
    Chair rail-?
    Shadow boxing-?
    Mantels – ?
    Columns ?

    Your input would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Install pricing for trim work.....

    Sorry for the error. This message was moved to the proper forum.


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      Re: Install pricing for trim work.....

      I got interested in this post and now I don't know where to find the followups. Help.


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        Re: Install pricing for trim work.....

        Look in Estimating & Takeoff..........