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  • ceiling texture

    Hi.....I am going to rent a hopper gun to spray texture on a ceiling. The customer would like to use glitter on it. How do I go about this? Does the glitter get mixed in or is it applied after you spray? Thank you.

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    Re: ceiling texture

    Geez, the last job like that was in Michigan about 20 years ago.

    The glitter is sprayed onto the ceiling while the ceiling is still wet. It's applied with a hand held sprayer that is operated by a hand crank. Crank and it "spits" ot of the hopper.

    BTW, you can also spray glitter on a ceiling that's just been painted. My old insurance agent wanted us to do it to his ceilings during the winter. We shut the furnace off, opened all of the windows and when the temp. was about 50 degrees so the paint wouldn't dry too fast, we started painting. One rolled and the other followed with the glitter gun. We glittered about a 50 sq. ft. area of paint. As one guy glittered the other started painting the next section slightly overlapping onto the previous.

    The next time the ceiling is painted, it covers up the glitter.

    I'm curious. Is she going with silver, gold or pearl?


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      Re: ceiling texture

      Thanks for the reply....I realize that the glitter is not really in style...BUT that's what the customer wants...what can I say? She wants to go with the pearl glitter. I believe that all of this is because her mother (80 something) has it in her living room or something like that. Nostalgia perhaps?

      Thaks again.