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    I'm working on an old house that sustained some storm damage. a ceiling and a piece of one wall got wet and the white coat fell away in two small areas, each about 18" square. The scratch coat seems to be sound, can I just skim out several coats of durabond for the white coat or must I use plaster? would you seal the edge of the damaged white coat first with tape? mesh or paper tape? thanks.

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    Re: plaster patch

    Make sure that all the finish that is loose is off the lid and side. Durabond is hard to sand. EasySand is a lot easier to sand and might be easier for you to work with. Keep the remaining existing finish clean with your trowel. Try to work to it but not over it. However if you do go over it EasySand will sand off. If the brown coat is sound and hard I don't think you gain anything with tape in this situation.