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  • knockdown finish

    I'm an old slick finish drywall finisher that has been asked to do a knockdown finish in a remodel. I need some advice on the process. The rooms have both new sheetrock and old painted slick finish walls. The ceiling is to remain fine cork sprayed texture.

    1. Does the knockdown replace the third coat?

    2. Should I apply mud with gun or roller?

    3. How thin should mud be?

    4. How long do I wait before running a knife or trowel over the mud to knockdown the mud?

    Any other tips would be appreciated.

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    Re: knockdown finish

    Every thing you mentioned is a variable. There are many ways to get a knock down texture. I use texture compuund instead of mud, and I mix it to a pancake batter or a little thinner consistincy. I think a gun gives better results than a roller, but that seems to be a regional preference. A gun is faster! I usually wait about 5 min. or however long it takes me to finish a large wall. If you wait much more than 10 minutes the texture will look very coarse. I would strongly recomend you practice a lot before you give bad or inconsistint results to a paying customer. I've made that mistake! It is a lot of work to retexture if they don't like it.

    check out the book by Ferguson from Taunton Press. It covers this in detail


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      skip trowel finish

      While Mr. Ferguson's book (Taunton Press) is really a great book on sheet rocking, it unfortunately doesn't say one word about skip trowel texturing, which seems common in my area. Could anyone describe the basic skip trowel technique or point me to a reference on it? -- Thanks


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        Re: skip trowel finish

        >>new sheetrock and old painted slick finish walls

        You'll be surprized how ez it is to do a knockdown on new dry board. What makes it complicated on painted walls is you have to wait for the texture to evaporate off most of the water before you start. One tricky part of new board is the joints suck the moisture out of the texture faster than the board.

        Knock down looks good and completely covers minor imperfections that show up on smooth wall. I charge 3x/foot for smooth wall over knock down.