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HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

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  • HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

    OK all you pro's out there I need your help. I'm doing an interior repaint on my home. The walls are standard sheet rock and have been repainted once before.

    Here's my problem. Every spot I have spackled and sanded is "telegraphing" through the top coat of paint and it looks hideous! The color is a medium dark seafoam green.

    Here are the steps I've taken.. Please tell where I may have gone wrong.

    1. First I sanded, spackled and repaired bad spots on the wall.
    2. THen I rolled a sealer / primer over the entire wall.
    3. Then I rolled the new wall paint. The first try I used Benjamin Moore Regal Eggshell. I hated the eggshell finish. BTW, the repairs telegraphed badly after this first coat of finish paint.

    Then I rerolled the wall with Behr's new Enamel Flat Washable. I LOVE this paint and finish. However even after another full coat of paint the places I sanded and spackled (that are now under primer and two coats of paint) are showing up like a neon sign... What Gives!!!

    Please help!



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    Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

    What type of primer did you use?


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      Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

      Did you sand with a fine grit (200+) mesh.


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        Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

        I used Zinsar water based primer on the walls.

        I used standard sandpaper... don't recall the #... it was not Mesh.

        BTW, on another forum a painter described having had the exact same problem recently (he arrived after the homeowner was 1/2 finished with the job). This painter subsequently finished the job and didn't use a primer over his wall repairs and covered with two finish coats and indicated that his repairs we're undectectable.




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          Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

          Sometimes more than one coat of sealer is required over repairs. You might want to try an shellac/alcohol based sealer.


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            Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

            It is hard to say for sure... but my guess is that the sanding may have left the repair area too coarse.

            Another thought..did you sweep the dust off the wall before painting?

            Also there are paints made specially for preventing this problem, PVA primers.



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              Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

              I suspect the problem your seeing is shine? THis will be intensified tthe moor sheen you paint with. Primer coat and 2 topcoats is all you should need to do. The area you sanded smooth are now much smoother than the rest of the wall, htere's nothing you can do about that. I also recommend pole sanding the entire wall before you apply any primer or paint.


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                Re: HELP - Interior Repaint Going South Fast!

                Their are different textures on the wall. The origional wall, the repaired section, and the area where the two were blended. The repairs are very difficult to hide with just a primer and paint especially if the lighting is just right. Skim coating the entire wall would have been your best bet.