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  • attic remodel

    I have not done a attic in over 15 years.
    Now I just did a job for a customer that recommend me to there family.
    Now do you think $ sq.foot a fare price for 55 4X8X1/2.
    I can not get it boomed in. and all smooth walls and ceilings.
    Well I can get it to the first landing off the first floor.
    They told me that when they did there bathroom the had to cut the sheets in half.
    I sure don't want to split 50 sheets.........

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    Re: attic remodel


    At this point I would not price it as a sq. foot thing. I would just explain to them that there will be a charge for 2 men, 1/2 day to get the materials to the site. If you have to cut all the sheets in half, then just charge accordingly!



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      Re: attic remodel

      Don't forget all the extra time taping those extra seams. 2.50 seems fair, but obviously I don't know the other complexities of the job.
      My rule of thumb is, the more you don't really want to do the job the more you charge. Then if you do land it, you at least make it worth your time.
      Have fun. :-)


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        Re: attic remodel

        very true
        I do the same..Tom


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          Re: attic remodel

          As a drywall contractor I like a sg ft price and customers need to know what the job will cost. I give the contractors that I work for a price list. They know how much an hour a charge and all my sq ft prices. For jobs between 500 and 1000 sq ft I get 2.50 a sq ft