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  • Ceiling replacement

    I was asked to quote repacing a ceiling in a 12' x 13' room. The existng ceiling is I belive 1/2" thick and sagging. Can 5/8" be placed over this without long term problems? Or should the existing be removed, new vapior barrier and replace existing insulation put back? I know 2-3" long screws would be needed and I would need to be sure to hit the rafters.I am not looking forward to all the insulation coming down on my head.

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    Re: Ceiling replacement

    This sounds like an additional few hours of work to get the job done right. Do you have the load calcs for the ceiling joists stating that the extra weight of the additional drywall will be supported? If the existing ceiling is sagging it means that the original nails/screws aren't sufficient to hold up the weight of 1/2" drywall, possibly due to water saturation or improper application. We remove the drywall, use an adhesive, and then screw the new drywall to the ceiling joists. A few hours of extra work will save the homeowners future expense from having to do this all over in a few years.