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    Myron and others: I do some DW work as it comes along, but I'm primarily a trim guy. But my SIL just had her new house finished and I got to see the done deal today. This builder I'd never heard of, but man, did he have his ducks in a row. I saw a detail I thought I'd inquire about. All the corner bead is round, but rather than make the trim guy fight with 22 degree cuts and tiny pieces to go around or those cheapy pre made round corners, the bead, about six inches off the deck, was square, then gently rolled into the round stuff. It really looked sharp. I was wondering if this is just a kind of bead thats already made this way and I just haven't heard of it, or if this is something these guys built up with a 6" piece of metal on top of the bullnose. I'd think if they built it up it would be time consuming to get it to look as consistant as it did throughout the house.

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    Check your local suppliers for Trim-Tex vinyl DCB they should have a good selection of transitions to choose from. You may be able to see them at the Trim-Tex website also