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What size compressor for texture and finish work?

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  • What size compressor for texture and finish work?

    *****I posted this in the finishing forum and they gave me good advice for that type of work but I'd also like to hear from those of you using compressors for shooting texture*****

    Hi all, I'm getting into remodeling homes and am starting to accumulate tools. I'm a firm believer in the fact that we get what we pay for most of the time so I don't want to skimp. At the same time, I'm not rich so I have to be wise.

    My main uses for the compressor will be for installing base boards, shooting texture and occasionally installing crown molding. Obviously, I'd like to get as small a unit as possible but I'd hate to buy something too small and then have to buy a second one later on. My first choice would be something small and reasonably quiet that I can use indoors without having to scream over when talking. Porter Cable has some good prices as do the ones at HD, Lowes and Sears but are they any good and are they fairly quiet? I've heard good things about Thomas compressors. Are they definitely worth the extra money? What is the minimum size I'd want? I see several models out there, T-635HD, T-617HD, T-30HP, T-200ST, T-2820SP. What other brands/models do you recommend?

    I was looking at the 2 Thomas compressors at the tool crib/amazon. The T30Hp is 1-1/4HP weighs 53 lbs, has 2.75 cfm at 100 psi and costs $329. The T200ST is 2 HP weighs a hefty 66lbs, has 4.6 cfm at 100 psi and only costs $40 more at $369.

    66lbs isn't light but keep in mind that I won't be going back and forth to multiple sites too often. I'll usually be remodeling homes that I own so I could take the compressor there and leave there until I'm done with the job. Is there much difference between 53lbs and 66lbs compared to the increase in power. I thought of just setting it on my skateboard to roll it around or make a little tile dolley that I could use for tile and to scoot this thing around. Then again, I'm young and 66lbs wouldn't kill me as long as I'm not carrying it up and down latters and all over the place.

    I guess what I'm getting at is I know I could buy a little 3/4 or 1 HP that only weighs 26lbs but will I be better off getting a bigger compressor that can handle everything I'll do? The more I think about it, I'll actually probably shoot texture as much as doing finish work so it should be able to do both fairly well.

    The Thomas T-200 is expensive and heavy but it looks like one heck of a unit and it's received great reviews. Do you get what you pay for in a compressor or is this way too much to spend?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: What size compressor for texture and finish wo

    I have a 3hp sears air compressor, that cost me 2oo dollars. I use it to run my Apla Tech taping tools and it also works great for smaller texturing jobs. To spray on a typical texture you need a constant air supply of around 35 lbs. This compressor keeps up fine if I shut off the air flow when I am reloading the hopper at the hopper. My 2hp didn't keep up as well.


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      Re: What size compressor for texture and finish wo

      Thanks Myron!