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Looking for instructional video for taping tools

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  • Looking for instructional video for taping tools

    Hi Myron,

    My name is Sunil D'Souza and I am with Drywall Master Tools. My father is Larry D'Souza who started Tapemaster Tools back in 1980. We manufacture Automatic Taping Tools. Lately, we have been heavily marketing our products through the Internet and we have been receiving several inquiries from people wanting to know how to use the tools.

    Rather than putting our own video together, I was hoping to see if there were any independent ones out there. I saw through Amazon and various search engines that you have written many books on Drywall Taping and made more than one video.

    Our products are fully interchangeable with the Ames style tools and I wanted to know if you had any instructional videos available on how to use the tools that I could point my customers towards. If you could please contact me when you have a chance, I would appreciate it.

    Best Regards,

    Sunil D'Souza

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    Re: Looking for instructional video for taping too

    Sunil, I don't know of any videos that would fit your needs. A lot of tool manufacturers have their short videos that really don't give any instruction. I do plan on coming out with my own series of DVD's or videos. I will cover all aspects of drywall work and a good portion will be on usung the automatic tools. I will be working with another drywaller that has many years of experience using tools. Right now I am ironing out details with the video production company. At best it will be around a year before I have anything out there to use. I will keep your name on file , I may even want some imput from your company.