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  • plaster

    Myron,A few months ago you were telling us you were attempting your first skimcoat plaster job, wondering how things went and if you would prefer drywall or plaster now? JohnNH

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    Re: plaster

    It went preaty good John. I had a hard time forcing myself to use the trowel. I found it easier to use a wide knife to apply and smooth the plaster, but I know the trowel is the way pros do it so I kept trying and got some good results. The other problem I had was with blisters. I applied a base coat and a finish coat over old plaster that had a bonding agent applied. The blisters showed up as I was finishing the finish coat. In the areas where I was covering drywall, with a bonding agent applied, I only applied the finish coat of plaster and I had a lot less problems with the blisters. I plan on working with a local plasterer sometime this summer to learn first hand about what I was doing wrong.