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A decent primer

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  • A decent primer

    I run a drywall company and keep running into a problem of flashing on my ceilings. We use a mesh tape, ez sand 90, a coat and a skim coat. all our buts are doubled out also. I've found this to be the best sytem. I spray and back roll witha 9" 1/2 nap. I have been using Ben Moore superhide primer and still seem to have "dry spots". Any ideas????

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    Re: A decent primer

    Use a smaller nap roller. This will give more uniform coverage. You may also have better results with PVA primer. since this is all new work, if I understood your post correctly.


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      Re: A decent primer

      There are products on the market that are called primer surfacers. You get a level 5 finish and a prime coat all in one application. USG's is called Tuff Hide.