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Thanks to whoever told me this.

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  • Thanks to whoever told me this.

    Some time ago somebody here suggested applying the first coat of setting compound thinned out with a 3" paint roller. Well let me tell you it works great. Two passes with the roller, bed the paper tape and give it two wipes with a 3" knife and move on. I ran my finger down the middle of the tape to depress the little fold ridge and I also dropped less mud on the floor.
    If you are someone who does not tape and mud 8 hours a day x 5, this method works really well for the occaisional mudder. So thanks again to whoever gave me this little gem of advice. Scott

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    Re: Thanks to whoever told me this.

    Scott, There is a roller especially made for this. You just roll it down the center of the corner and is coats both sides at once. I have seen them in a lot of drywall supply yards.