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  • peeling plaster

    I'm a general contractor and I have a problem. I'm going to be working on this house built in 1957 with plaster walls, in the hallway the plaster is peeling and cracking. I though maybe moisture was the problem but they don't use the shower in that bathroom and there is on leak in the exhuast fan. This hallway is in the middle of the house and is the only area in the house that this is happening. Any suggestion.

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    Re: peeling plaster

    I think moisture is your problem. Did previous owners use the shower? Are you sure the plaster in the bathroom is good? How much is peeling? Only the finish or is the brown coming loose too? Is this over gypusm lath?
    What you want to know is how to fix it. If it is only finish that is peeling take off all that is loose, wash down the brown with some vinegar/water about 50/50 and rinse with clean water then refinish with whitecoat if it is smooth or new sand finish if it is sand finish or texture the whitecoat to match. A good plasterer should be able to match it. Now if it is more that is peeling take off all that is soft or loose or that comes off easily and replaster. But solve the problem before you do anything. I bothers me that this is an inside hall and it is the only place it is happening. Is this perhaps over a chimney? Is there a flue or duct behind? I could be just a bad place in the brown coat or the finish or maybe the brown was darbied too slick or maybe the whitecoat wasn't gauged right. Or maybe the brown coat started to set and was retempered. Still the fix is take off what is bad and plaster it. This is not a difficult repair.