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What about oil and joint compound?

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  • What about oil and joint compound?

    I scraped off a popcorn ceiling, rescrewed the lid and spotted the screws and touched up the joints as appropriate. I primed with a PVA primer. It did not cover uniformly so I painted with a flat paint. When it was dry it was uniformly white. I applied a stomp texture. Where the joints are it is slightly whiter than the field. The field is ever so slightly yellow. What did I do wrong?
    In a thread down below Myron said one should prime with an oil primer, wait 24 hours and spray. Would that same proceedure work if the texture were a stomp texture?
    Will joint mud applied with a stomp bond to the oil paint?

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    Re: What about oil and joint compound?

    I think the main problem is old drywall on the ceiling is bleeding through. You can use a latex stain blocking primer, like Zinseer Bin 123 or Kiltz 2,

    You must remember to allow it to dry completely before you second coat or finish coat, or tough stains will still come through. I frequently use the 123 and if there are areas that are still coming through I hit them with a shellac spray in a can. Usually there are only a few small areas where this is necessary and I don't want to run oil based products through my sprayer.



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      Re: What about oil and joint compound?

      The oil based stain killer is a good base for a texture. Whether you are spraying or stomping on a texture you are putting a lot of moisture on the ceiling and it will take a while to dry.I have found that some stains will bleed through latex stain killers if kept wet for a period of time.


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        Re: What about oil and joint compound?

        Myron and Co.,
        I think what happened is that the joints had more suction therfore dried faster and that is why only the field bled. As I said it is not very noticable and probabaly most people won't see it.
        In the future I will use oil.