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Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

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  • Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

    I need to install a popcorn ceiling and looking for advice. Also, several rooms already have a popcorn ceiling applied that is a mess, uneven and not very bubbly/popcorny. also, there are some cracks (like it was put on too wet then shrunk some while drying). I am a bit nervouse because I ave never done one of these and also not sure how I can spruce up the already applied popcorn ceiling that is uneven (there are even some drips in the ceiling like it was put on REAL wet then the droplets dried before falling).

    Any help and tips are GREATLY appreciated. Also, what equipment do you recommend?

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    Re: Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

    advice ???

    RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Re: Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

      If you are doing this yourself think about hiring it done.
      But you have three choices.
      1. On the one that must not have been sprayed yet. Make sure it is clean of grease, smoke, soil, soot and dust. Then spray it with new stuff. The trick is never to stop moving the sprayer. For just one room a hopper gun is fine. You can rent these and the compressor. MASK EVERYTHING! COVER THE FLOOR! (Twice)
      2. On the existing you can scrape it all off and follow the directions above.
      3. You can respray it. I have heard horror stories about people who have resprayed a lid and had the new and existing all come down. That hasn't happened to me. Maybe I am just lucky. DRY IT OUT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!
      If the existing is too uneven you can spray the thin spots. Let them dry and then spray the whole lid.
      Please let us know what you do and how it works. That kind of feedback makes the forum more educational for all.
      The advice you get here is worth what it costs.


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        Re: Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

        The bigest problem I have had with old popcorn ceilings is stains, especially cigarette smoke bleeding through after I respray. I would seal off the ceiling and scrape off the old texture and then paint the ceiling with an oil base stain killer and wait 24hrs and then respray.


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          Re: Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

          Thanks for the advice, the job is now done, this is how it went:

          First let me say that it was relatively easy. One thing though, let the mix set for 20 minutes but not for more than say 45 min. It is like joint compound in that if its in a weet mix and allowed to sepoarate, the silt like portion will separate back out and you have mix with no stick, and it doesn't want to go back into suspension form. I learned this after I got back from lunch and a couple of errands and I stirred and sprayed a sloped ceiling and popcorn just wanted to float to the top of the hopper and liquid just dribbled down the sloped ceiling. I scraped that wall and re-sprayed.

          Also, mix and remix the popcorn suspension! What I found worked for me is every time the hopper got close to empty (and it stopped spraying good or any time I needed to take a break and move the scaffolding to the next room, I would dump the entire contents of the hopper into the mix and remix it up. It seemed to be more consistent that way. Also, you will need a good drill and paddle to mix well. I would mix 3 5 gallon buckets at a time and after the first was empty refill it with mix so that it would have time to set while I used the other 2 buckets, it kept everything running smooth. I had 2 guys covering walls working ahead of me and I could have had 4 and kept up with them, the spraying goes very fast.

          The mix i found worked best was a thin oatmeal consistency. This is a little wetter than others had advised but it seemed to work well for me. Covering the poorly done job worked very well. The other painter came to the site when we were 80% done and said wow this looks great! I thought it was the homeowner by all the fuss he was making!

          Materials I used were a rental unit from Home depot (about $72 for the day and 15 bags of popcorn mix from the same place). My coverage was about 300 sq ft a bag. One complication was that the other painter had used behrs paint (I don't think it bonds that well) on the walls and no priming so I did have spots that came off with the tape despite me using low tack tape. I touched them up afterwards. didn't see any water stains or anything that needed to be primed and the owner wanted "as cheap as possible, I just want to sell this place". One odd thing though was that I hit a section of ceiling that was white and afterwards a dark red stain came through. It was like a hiddn disaster! touched that up with some Kilz as best we could after the fact. Anyway, all went well I think. Thanks, David.


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            Re: Help! need to reinstall popcorn ceiling

            Congratulations on the good job.
            Thanks for the feedback. We really like hearing success stories.