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Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

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  • Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

    All of my drywalling has been to finish with a wide blade and light sand. Very time consuming. I have heard of a technique where light weight compound is thinned out a lot and a paint roller is used to apply the final coat.

    How thin should the compound be?

    What kind of roller is used?

    How much compound is used?

    Any wiping of the compound after the roller?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

    Wow, all these "views" and no one replies?

    Must be Top Secret info I asked for here.....


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      Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

      NO way around the TRADITIONAL way of finishing drywall,I double or triple all my but joints and double trowell all regular joints with a 16" trowell.I use USG green top.Before I do so I cut out any and all loose / crushed areas and if deep,prefill.The light weight stuff is not as durable and scraches easy .The roll on and wipe off method is only good if the drywall has been corectly hung,taped and finished pryor to roll on.The more water you add the more it will loose its strength and shrink.(SNAKE OIL)


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        Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

        It works well for the third coat. Don't use too much water though. Only a couple of cups per 5gal bucket. The roller doesn't really roll much, the point is to get the joint compound on quickly, then finish trowel as usual.


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          Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

          We use this method for smooth wall. 3rd coat then roll on very thin mud, then knife off. An even easier way now adays, is the material that you spray on and contains the primer too.


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            Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

            You are asking about using a roller to apply the compound to achieve a level 5 finish. The compound is thinned down so that it is easy to apply but still clings to the roller and doesn't run down a wall or drip off the ceiling. The compound is rolled on heavy enough to cover the drywall and then it is pulled off tight with a wide taping knife. Only a thin film of compound is left. If you use good lighting and don't get to far ahead with the roller, (compound may start to dry before removing and then will be rough), you can get a really smooth surface that requires very little sanding. The sanding is done before the skim coat is applied. This is a faster method than applying the compound with a knife.
            The product made by USG is called Tuff Hide and it works. I think National Gypsum also make a similiar product.
            The roller can also be used to apply the compound for the thin finish coat over seams and corner bead.


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              Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

              Sorry for my delay in responding; I didn't see a reply for awhile and gave up.

              I guess I wasn't explaining clear enough what I meant in my original post. What I meant was NOT a smooth flat final finish, but a ripply finish that the knap of the roller would make.

              Anyone have instructions and/or tips on this method?




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                Re: Rolling on drywall compound finish coat?

                the rollar knap will dictate the depth of the texture.i see use of a 1/2" knap alot in my area.a 18" wide one makes it easier for coverage.hard to say how much you thin it enough to make it roll,thick enough to stick to the walls.i always felt this was a cheap finish and usualy see a troweled texture in higher end houses.
                either one is fairly easy with some practice start in closets to perfect your skills.

                tom d
                Tom D.

                more tools please.