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Dull-ing brass hinges

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  • Dull-ing brass hinges

    The boss is going with "Oil rubbed Bronze" interior knob sets.
    The doors are hung with Polished brass (plated, not solid)
    Anyone know of a wash or tarnesh recipe to tone the bright brass down ? does not have to exactly match the bronze, She just is not spending $4-5 a pop for new hinges.


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    Re: Dull-ing brass hinges

    Rustoleum or a glaze for patina bronze. Tell her she can buy it at Home Depot and do it herself.


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      Re: Dull-ing brass hinges

      Sounds like someone made a mistake in the ordering of the doors.

      If it was you then buy new hinges and swap them out.

      If it was her then tell her it is going to cost more to try and dull down the brass hinges than to just go and buy the right ones. $12-$15(plus your labor to remove old and install new)/door is a lot cheaper than your labor to remove the hinges(something you will have to do to make it look halfway right), mess with the solvent, get the look you want, let it dry, clean off the solvent, and then re-install the hinges and doors and still make any money.
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