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  • Curved Walls?


    I’m having a dickens of a time.

    A new client is looking for curved walls as part of a basement renovation to a media room.

    The basic configuration will be one wall out at a roughly 45 degree angle in an S-curve with a built in for the media equip, and walk in access behind doubling to hide utilities and storage space. All other corners in the area to have 32 inch rounded corners.

    Here is where my problems begin. I’m wondering what percentage plus up I should use for pricing these curved wall sections verses the figures I use for standard construction with flat walls with angled corners.

    I realize my material knock off will be higher due to more studs, I’m considering using the Flex-c track system; It looks like the way to go for the curved plates; and a minimum double layer of gypsum, But what I don’t know is my labor push due to the more difficult layout bending the sheet goods and mud work.

    I’ve contacted multiple drywall subs to give me a bid on the curved wall project. Our area is so saturated they all seem to not be interested, or afraid of this project.

    Quote: "I can do several other jobs easy, for the time and frustration yours'll give me."

    Subsequently, I'm forced into giving a WAG on the price and will likely end up doing the install myself. Not what I want to do.

    I’m wondering if anyone has a formula they’d like to share for a proposal on work of this nature?

    Thanks in advance,
    NB Custom Renovations

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    Re: Curved Walls?

    My WAG would be to double the standard job and then use it as a learning experience. Alternatively, you could create a per stud price for your standard work and then count the additional studs. Add for the extra materials and flex wall material, figure on double the labor for the drywall due to two layers of 1/4 inch board, add for the specialty curved drywall knives(boy are they expensive), and then mark up the whole thing twice your normal mark up to cover the hassel. Remember to add a 10% contingency on the materials. Then compare the prices on these two systems.

    Let us know what you decide and how it comes out. It will certainly be easier pricing your second job. Also don't forget to figure for access to a basement and potentially slower drying times.



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      Re: Curved Walls?

      I have done quite a few jobs like this and I don't have a set price. I just try to estimate my time and materials. I always keep in mind that I am doing a specialized type job and that I am not at that job which is a lot easier to do. I don't want to break even, I want to make extra otherwise I should do the easier less risky job.


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        Re: Curved Walls?

        Myron is right . I try to estimate how long it will take pluss material. Most the time it works out to be slightly over double for walls this tight. The flex track works well if you can find it. Dose not sound like you have much to do so you could cut ply plates or find a steel installer that has acrimper to bend track to what ever radius you need. An option that I like to use is to cover the frame with flex ply than one layer of flex rock. This provides asmoth solid substrate and is easer than bending 2 layers of rock.