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Soffit face trim

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  • Soffit face trim

    We've a lot of rooms to do with soffit "trays" around the perimeter, and the design calls for a trim board at the bottom edge of the vertical face.

    The problem we get is with the use of the metal corner bead, and the corner flare we get when mudding it.

    The flare on the vertical face of the soffits causes a not-plumb face, and the 1x4 trim board that runs along the edge cannot lay flat against the face, without being shimmed out at the top.

    Shimming is time consuming, and in appearance is unacceptable.

    How can we avoid the mud and bead flare, and get a wall that is dead plumb right down to the corner where soffit face meets soffit bottom?

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    Re: Soffit face trim

    I've been sketching. Does anybody think these details might work?
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      Re: Soffit face trim


      Looks good, but I would recommend prefinished maple that is left in place. That way it cleans easy of mud, and you won't have to contend with boards with different curves. A similar idea was discussed earlier and rather then trying to make them flush, the contention was a small reveal on the bottom.



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        Re: Soffit face trim

        An L-Bead with the bottom taped and leaving a reveal is a good idea.