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remodel into radius corners?

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  • remodel into radius corners?

    Has anyone tried to remodel existing straight-edge corners into radius corners? Would like to do my own home in radius corners, but do not wish to remove and hang all new drywall. Thank you.

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    Re: remodel into radius corners?

    We had a homeowner call us once to look at a job. He had inherited an older home and decided that he didn't like the square corners. So he had gone around the whole house ripping them off. The house was also smooth wall with popcorn ceiling. He had damaged the popcorn ceiling, so he wanted us to scrape all the ceilings too.

    He about had a heart attack when we told him what we needed to charge to fix his complete mess. Needless to say we didn't get the job. Making the switch is very time consuming. You have to think about whether you are going to switch out the windows and trim. If they are wood and you are going to vinyl, your wrap will be different. So if I was messing around with corners, I'd rip out all the drywall in the house, upgrade the wiring, plumbing, internet cables, windows, insulation, and vapor barrier. Then I'd re-hang the rock all nice and neat. But then I'd also do the trim out too.

    With corners one thing can lead to another.


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      Re: remodel into radius corners?

      Sounds like he is just asking about bullnose corners. I would think you could just tear off the old and put new corners on. Of course after the wall corners he will have to do the window openings, but that could be optional.

      I wonder how much out of plane No Coat Bullnose Corners would be if you just put them over the top of the old straight corners?



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        Thanks for the imput on radius corners...

        Thank you both for your imput. Being a very large home with ceilings heights up to 20', the idea of removing and rehanging drywall for the entire house is overwhelming. It's not an old home, built in '87, so the wiring, etc. is not outdated. I may try removing the corners in an upstairs room first and doing the bullnose corners to see how it works before tackling the entire house. Guess the decision will be just how important is it to us? Thanks again, I appreciate your imput.


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          Re: remodel into radius corners?

          There is a couple of things to remember if you plan on replacing square beads to bullnose beads.
          One is the baseboard,If you are going from straight to round corners you will have to take off base board and get the special adapters to go from round back to square at the base.Unless your pretty handy, you could probably figure a way around that.Also I believe you would have to cut back the drywall a little so your bead will fit on.
          Taking all the drywall off sounds totally ridiculious to me,worst case would be a little extra patching around the areas you are working on.
          Just my opinion
          I live in New England where everybody uses or want traditional square beads, I love the bullnose and used it on my own house and it makes a dramatic difference.
          Good luck and I would try one corner and see how it goes.


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            Re: remodel into radius corners?

            Drywaller makes some good points. You have to plan for the baseboard. You can buy radiused baseboard corners tho.

            I do allot of window replacements (remove single pain AL clad for dbl pane vinyl) I finish 3 sides bullnoze with a wood ceil. I'm often asked to remove/replace the square corners on existing walls.

            >>Also I believe you would have to cut back the drywall a little so your bead will fit on.

            I've never had to, altho I do run a sander on the paint to ruff it up. Make sure you use *hot* mud to glue the bullnoze.

            Removing 'simulated acoustic (poopCorn) is also a easy/popular upgrade. Just bring the garden hoze in the house and soak the lid - get your helper to smoke a cancer stick (for a timer0, then resoak the lid. It comes right off with a big knife.

            -- rick


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              Re: remodel into radius corners?

              While it is unlikely that you have asbestos in an "87 house's popcorn, you should run a test to confirm. Good call on the baseboard change. I overlooked that. Kirk