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Screws Vs Nails Vs Glue

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  • Screws Vs Nails Vs Glue

    I took the old debate we had here and put it on our MSN Group site. I like the last line of the debate best (by Jim)
    Metal studs no glue all screws no shrinkage, no pops.

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    Re: Screws Vs Nails Vs Glue

    There are a lot of good responses at that site. I like the glue and screw method


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      Re: Screws Vs Nails Vs Glue

      Send me the URL to other good threads we've had and I'll post them. Anyone wishing to work on the site email me and I'll make you a assistant manager.

      Myron gets 100 votes so I guess screws and glue wins :)

      Nailing is more fun - so I'm going to try Kirk's suggestion of ring shank nails.