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Large drywall patch into ceiling

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  • Large drywall patch into ceiling

    Roof water leaks have damaged a 3x3 ft section of painted drywall ceiling -- it's a bit crumbly & I don't think it will ever recover, even after it dries out.

    So I intend to cut out the crumbling section & insert a new drywall piece, tape, mud, etc.

    One edge of *bad* drywall is on the butt edge of the adjacent *good* panel. If I cut directly on this butt seam, the adjacent good panel will have some thickness of tape & mud on its edge.

    One edge of the new 3x3 drywall patch would therefore be next to the already-built-up, butt edge, of the adjacent drywall panel.

    Is this a bad idea?
    Will it be difficult to blend & feather the new drywall patch with the adjacent, built-up butt edge?
    Are there better ways to do this?

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    Cut it out past that joint to the next joist.