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Glass tile backsplash - no grout

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  • Glass tile backsplash - no grout

    went to a designer's showhouse last night.

    The glass tile kitchen backsplash looked gorgeous. When I went closer I confirmed that there was no grout used at all. The glass edges were just butted up against each other with no space.

    The overall construction of the house was very good. So, I'm willing to assume that someone knew what they were doing. Obviously a heavy splash could get between the edges, so I'm wondering, has anyone ever seen this method approved or is it a mistake?

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    Re: Glass tile backsplash - no grout

    my brother in law has had tile on his back splash for twelve yrs, no grout. i tease him everytime we get together, my sister just scrubs it down once in a while with clorox cleanup. not right, but not hurting anything either. i like the look of glass with no grout. though harder to keep clean.
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      Re: Glass tile backsplash - no grout

      Cd- your last sentence answers your question. Installing without grout is asking for trouble. There is nothing to keep bacteria from being sucked into the tile and growing behind the install. You would be putting your customers health in jeopardy and yourself legally at risk if you were paid to do an install like that.


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        Re: Glass tile backsplash - no grout


        I think you're right. I'm positive that the showhouse is going to be sold as is though. The crevices might get icky, but it's no real way for it to migrate back to the counters.

        They should have used a clear caulk installed with a syringe need.