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Kerdi over old mortar

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  • Kerdi over old mortar

    I am redoing the shower in my 50 year old house. My plan is to use the kerdi drain and membrane. As I was removing the old tiles from the walls I discovered that some type of adhesive had been used when the shower was installed when the house was new. Mastic? Anyway the tiles came off easily and without disturbing the mortar. I plan to install the kerdi over the old mud wall. My question is in installing the kerdi drain in the original mud bed floor. The constuction of the existing shower floor is a metal pan with mud and then the tile. I have removed the tile and mud just around the drain with a masonry hole saw to make a 6 inch diameter hole. What remains now is the drain that comes through the pan. I have not punched through the pan yet. Can I just excavate enough material and cut a big enogh hole in the metal pan to accomodate the kerdi drain then pack some new mud in the hole to support the kerdi drain when I install it? The walls and the floor of this shower are in seemingly good shape with only a couple of hailine cracks in the wall. I am hoping to not have to replace the mud and just apply the kerdi membrane and drain over the existing mud.

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    Re: Kerdi over old mortar

    Since you provide no dimensions (thickness of the mortar), it is hard to say if your proposal will work. you may want to contact the Schluter Co. since they are the manufacturer of the drain and will most likely know something about its installation and how to protect any warrantees.
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