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Proper installation of WonderBoard

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  • Proper installation of WonderBoard

    I just got done remodeling my kitchen and I am currently having a 12 x12 Travertine tile floor installed. I noticed the Tile Contractor did not use any thin set between the plywood subfloor and wonderboard. It was my understanding you nail/screw it down into a bed of thinset. Will this cause the floor to fail, should I have the contractor ripe up the WonderBoard and reapply it with thinset underneath it.

    Thanks in advance for you help

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    Re: Proper installation of WonderBoard

    Mr. Jolly;
    You are taking a chance with this, most, if not all manufacturer's require a dry-set mortar bed under their panels. The dry-set mortar bed acts as a support and leveling plane for the panels.
    You should reference the installation instructions on the material, backerboard, being installed.
    Tell your installer to reference page 21 of the Tile Council of America Handbook for the Installation of Ceramic Tile, 2001, he will note under requirements, "use dry-set mortar portland cement mortar to establish the supporting plane of the CBU."
    The instructions referenced above are also used by the The Marble Institute of America for the installation of certain dimension stone. (See Dimension Stone Design Manual.)


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      Re: Proper installation of WonderBoard


      To add to Dale's comments, make sure your installer obtains and follows the mfg's instructions. Your installation, presently, is a failure waiting to happen.


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        Re: Proper installation of WonderBoard

        To add a half of two cents ... the salient thing to remember when the subject of mfg. specs or instructions - besides the facts that virtually every Code requires that mfg. recommendations are to be followed in lieu of any pertainent Code sections directly dealing with the subject - IS :Whooo ... breath ... Is that by not following the mfgr's specs, you have in effect breeched and nulified all and any warranties, implied or stated.

        PS MB : what is the goop that you have decided to substitute for the unallowed asphaltic material( we now agree upon , after our first meeting) to help adhere pan liners to substrates and walls???
        I have been using butyl rubber adhesive calk ... but it's so yuckie. It reminds me of the DAP Butylflex we use to seal windows with in the 60's. Trails of sticky hair in the air! But it didn't come off with a re-spiting of the finger.

        I would like some alternatives to adhere it to a partial concrete dam : part concrete exterior wall and part wood frame after the glass blocks. They chose not to pour a monolithic in floor pan. ???
        PSS :Also, do you know who has epoxy mortars (suitable for incert fire place facing ) in the SF South Bay. Can't seem to find any at any of the regulat supply houses (or what's left of them )


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          Re: Proper installation of WonderBoard

          Thanks for the responses! I questioned the tile contractor and referred to the instructions right on the WonderBoard. Needless to say he was not pleased that I called him on it but I can’t afford to have a failure down the road because the warranty was nullified by not following manufactures instructions. thanks for the help.


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            Re: Proper installation of WonderBoard

            A friend of mine got a call from a customer that her floor was sounding crunchy (like walking on crackers).
            We went over to inspect the job and she was right.
            We called Wonderboard and actually got Paul Dinkle (one of the founders of wonderboard) on the phone.
            He didn't ask but told us there was no thin set between the subfloor and the wonderboard.
            Sure enough my buddy was using subfloor adhesive caulk to bond the wonderboard to the plywood.
            Follow manufacturers instrucutions.