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Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

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  • Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

    Hi! I am needing advice on some online fax software for small businesses. I would like to know what features to consider and are necessary when selecting a service as well as a service the provides the best service ti send faxes to your mobile phone. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

    Please fill out your profile so we can get an idea of who you are, what you are about and where you are located. This is a professionals only forum, so you may not get an answer or just not a polite one if it seems you are not a pro.

    What exactly do you need in a fax. Many of the features that were traditionally handled by fax are now shared in the cloud and many are free for small users. I receive documents from MyFax and pay $10/month and get a distinct fax number. For down and dirty stuff, I send from my old fax on my data line. I share larger files using DropBox and YouSendIt in the cloud. Most everything else can be sent as a pdf document. Hope that helps narrow down your thoughts into what you really need to focus on.

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      Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

      Thanks Phil! I filled out my profile. There are so many fax sites to choose from I just didn't know if anyone was using one that they really liked or found to be useful compared to features vs budget. Plus, how well it worked etc. I was looking at a site that I came across to compare various services and since I had to make this decision for my boss I wanted to make sure it was the best one. Although, I could try a free trial so.... Thanks for suggesting MyFax, they are on this list!


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        Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

        FWIW - I use eFax.
        At the end of the day - most of these fax services are +/- the same thing, pretty similar in price, terms, etc. One thing you DO want to look for however - and it's not always front-and-center obvious - is the ability to email to a fax number.

        Why would you want to do that?

        Because in construction there are plenty of times you need to convey information to a group of people who will not all yet be using eMail (still). Say it's a preliminary schedule you want to convey to all your subs. So you can't just whack an attachment to a bulk email and get it to everyone.

        If your fax service will do the translation - you do the bulk email but enter your non-eMailers' fax number as an email address to your fax service - example would look like


        So now - no more faxing to some people and emailing to others - EVERYONE can be in the same distribution... the people using email will get an attachment... the people with paper fax machines only will get a paper fax. This also works just to get what would be simple emails to people without real email accounts.

        This greatly simplifies group transmittals when some of your subs have a fax machine but no email account. IF they don't have a fax machine either - can't help you ;-)

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          Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

          I am glad you pointed out the email to a fax number feature. I hadn't thought of that yet and that is something that is important. Thanks!


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            Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

            Depending on your needs, HelloFax is a really easy service to use. With just the $5/mo plan, you get a local fax number and 50 pages per month. It lets you drag-and-drop most file types right into the web interface, so it's pretty easy to get files ready to send.

            And it appears they also support the feature for sending faxes, which I didn't know about. That's a really cool feature.

            I've been fairly happy with them, so far.
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              Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

              I don't think I get 3 or 4 faxes a month now. I am thinking of doing away with the fax entirely, for me it's a thing of the past. Email is a perfect copy of what you send, and who doesn't have an email address these days
              Ray D


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                Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

                Ray I agree, but as Joe mentioned above there are "still" some out there using fax. I know it's frustrating to deal with these dinosaurs and there's less than a handful of them left in my circle.

                My fax service costs me 5 bucks per month to keep me from stressing out over who "still" does not have an email. Even some using fax are up to times with the technology but still won't give up the fax machine.


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                  Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

                  I stopped using faxes about 2 or 3 years ago. I have my "all in one" printer hooked up to send a fax maybe twice a year. I am all email and and very pleased with the results. I just need a good dedicated scanner which I hope to purchase soon.


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                    Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

                    I use Trustfax. I chose them because they send faxes via email in pdf form. It's been way to long since I needed to use a fax service, though. Finally trained the lumber yard to just email me.
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                      Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

                      TWhite, how you use this old thing? I remember old days of having a bulky clunky fax machine that hardly EVER worked. Wanted to kill myself with this one =_= then just moved to an online services, using at the moment. JayNos is a lucky man, I couldn't train my partners to use smth besides faxes)) but at least popfax is not eating my nerves. Cheap, comfy, I use it from my mobile so I'm staying in touch with guys even when I'm in town) kind of)


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                        Re: Online Fax Software for Small Construction Business

                        I use Trustfax.
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