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  • Disable Java?

    In my Saturday morning catch up on news I came across this

    This software, originally developed by Sun Microsystems and now an Oracle product, once held promise as a way to let computer users run complex apps over the Web on any computer. But the Web itself now does that job better than Java — you don't need Java to create a spreadsheet in Google Docs, edit a photo on Flickr or write a blog post on WordPress.
    What say you Joe?

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    Re: Disable Java?

    Ok - Bill I'll bite... as long as you take a look at the "Tornado Damage Expert Wanted" thread and either talk to me about it or help me find somebody who would be good ;-) I'm counting on my circle of JLC contacts to help me come up with some good candidates. The homeowners in question are nice folks who are (IMO) getting the short shrift from their insurance carrier.

    RE: Java. ...
    If you disable it and come across sites/apps that won't run as s result - you'll know it. The sites simply won't display or operate correctly and you'll have to re-enable it for those site(s).

    I kind of agree that Java is now getting long in the tooth and is no longer the hot technology it once was. The idea of "write once run anywhere" was seductive -but since MS never got on board it never really came true. Typical platform/standards wars. . Today there are other, easier, ways to accomplish the same things and I think you could get along quite well without it, as long as one of the mission-critical pieces of software you are using don't require it.

    Problem is - there's still a huge pile of applications out there - many that are specific to this industry - that DO utilize Java. If you're using one of those then of course you'd have problems disabling it.

    To be honest I've never been a big fan of Java for PCs or on the web - the real benefit IMO was more along the line of embedded programming in phones, home automation devices, etc. The first generation of SmartPhones made good use of Java. Microsoft made an early decision not to get behind it - that kind of screwed the potential IMO.

    The last big development project I was involved with - Dynami Builder - didn't utilize Java at all. We DID utilize AJAX - (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which some people confuse with Java because it sort-of allows similar UI functionality - but JavaScript and Java have nothing to do with each other. AJAX sort of de-couples (that's the Asynchronous part) the browser from the back-end so you can do stuff like drag-and-drop in a web environment - something that previously did require a Java application possibly.

    I don't know if that answered anything - but bottom line if you don't need Java for anything there's no harm in disabling it.

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