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  • Punchlists

    Good morning.
    I'm looking for a better way to track punchlists. On large complex remodels the lists seem to get longer and there are more back and forth items. For example, I'm fighting with Viking over some very poorly built appliances. I'd like to keep track of not only the times my employees are at the jobsite removing built in appliances for the appliance repair person, but also my phone calls with the Viking dealer and Viking itself. When one problem gets resolved another one shows up with the same appliance. As a side note Don't Buy Viking.

    So I'm looking for a way to track:
    1. Who created the punch list and who was the punch list given to.
    2. Who completed items on the punchlist and what items are we waiting for parts on.
    3. Some method for the field to notify the office that an item has been completed. Our carpenters do not have computers or smart phones.
    4. Track which items are done by subs and which items are done by us.

    Currently, I make up a word document with a list that I do a strike through when the item is complete. It's broken down by trade.

    Thank you for your ideas.

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    Re: Punchlists


    I have used Virtualboss for scheduling and punch-list management. They have a web based system that can do most of what you are looking for.

    I am using Co Construct now, they have a good scheduling system and a separate to-do system that I use for punch lists and miscellaneous items that I do not want on the schedule. I walk the jobs with an iPad or Droid and enter to-do's as I see them. If they are assigned to me that's fine but of they pertain to a specific sub they get attached to it and immediately get a text and/or email notifying them of the details.

    Each task has a notes section that you enter detailed info into.

    The big difference has been the web based system and the notifications. Everyone is on the same page at all times.


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      Re: Punchlists


      Wow, I've had nothing but good lick with Viking, in fact I just paid a lot more money for the new Viking dishwasher replacing a 6 year-old Fisher Paykell that had continual problems. I've never even had a service issue with Viking, what have been your problems?
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        Re: Punchlists

        My problems are with the new designer line that came out earlier this year from Viking.
        Here's a few of my problems.
        1. lead time for wall oven was 3 months longer than quoted
        2. refrigerator water line freezes up
        3 warming drawer indicator light won't come on when the unit is turned on
        4. dishwasher upper rack comes flying out whenever you open the door
        5. dishwasher made a bunch of noise and quit working after 3 months of use. Took 2 months to get a replacement
        6. wall oven lower rack rolls out on its own, when door closed rack rests against the door. fan is way too loud

        we leveled those appliances and even tilted them backward. The only appliances that worked ok were the rangetop and the microwave. I will never recommend Viking again. Most of these items are still not fixed and the factory seems to be unable to find fixes for them. I hate dealing with appliances as much as I hate dealing with utility companies and relocates.


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          Re: Punchlists


          Like anything else, only buy the top of the line, Andersen did the same thing, their 400 series of windows are good windows, then they make cheap junk for builders and even cheaper junk for high pressure peddlers. It's the MBAs, they find a high-end company with a good reputation and tell them they have to cover the market to trade and profit off their reputation to build volume, it works for awhile until they destroy a reputation that sometimes took generations to build.

          BTW, I'm glad to know that about their Designer line, the dishwasher I bought was a floor model, when they didn't have any in stock I asked if they'd sell me the floor model, he checked with his boss and came back to tell me they would, they were taking that out to set up a whole new display of Viking's new Designer Series, I came back to the store to pick something up and looked the the new display, the Designer Series looks nothing like the traditional Vikings.
          “President Obama doing well. His approval rating is at 51%.--- The other 49% are taxpayers.” Jay Leno