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Blackberry-PDA Add-in

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  • Blackberry-PDA Add-in

    I have been using Companion Link Express for a few weeks to sync my contacts and notes in ACT! with my Blackberry and I am very happy with it. I am so used to having my laptop in my truck and I have found that all of the info I need is on the phone now and I don't look at the laptop as much. Any changes I make during the day will be updated that night with the sync.

    I am not sure if there is a better altenative out there or what others are using but here is the link.

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    Re: Blackberry-PDA Add-in


    What version of ACT are you using? I synch my BB with my desktop computer, my contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar are all on Outlook. I agree, it is amazing the amount of information you can carry on a BB.

    What about job scheduling software, anything you are using that can be downloaded on your Blackberry?




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      Re: Blackberry-PDA Add-in

      I am using Version 9 in ACT!, that is where I keep notes on the job and appointments. The look in the BB is very similar.

      I use Outlook just for email and I use the address book from ACT! to pull the contacts in. I just upgraded to Office 2007 and Outlook is a big upgrade.

      No luck on VB being pulled into the BB. I spoke with VB and they are not fans of the BB's, not yet anyway--we will have to stay on them!

      While at the IBS I mentioned that I would like to see some formatting added to the note section in VB for color coding, bullets, similar to a Word doc. They did it and sent me a link to beta-test it. There is no option for bullets but it is handy for detailing the notes. Shoot them an email and tell them you would like to beta-test it.