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Converting Chief Architect drawings to PDF

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  • Converting Chief Architect drawings to PDF

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a program to make it easy to convert DWG drawing (Chief Architect) to PDF files that can be emailed to clients.

    I have seen "Desk PDF Professional" advertised at something like $29.95 and that is the only program that I am currently aware of, but I have just started looking into this.

    Thank you for your help.

    Jim Green

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    Re: Converting Chief Architect drawings to PDF

    The easiest way is to download the Adobe PDF printer driver and selecting that as your printer when you plot your drawings. Otherwise, the more complicated method is to plot the drawing as a post script file (EPS) and saving it as a PDF after you open it in Adobe. If you go to Adobe's website and search their knowledge base there's probably a ton of information on this.
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      Re: Converting Chief Architect drawings to PDF

      I use Adobe Standard and sometimes send PDFs, however, if the project is unusual or of a decent price range, why not use the Chief Viewer Program where the client can open regular Chief drawings on their own computer?

      If you stay with the PDFs, and I assume this is for clients, send the floor plan images. If you send the layout sheets, most of the info will be too small for regular viewing. I also know you can send the PDFs in a large format scale, this doesn't help owners who don't have a plotting service available.
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        Re: Converting Chief Architect drawings to PDF

        Thanks Guys,
        It turns out that Chief Architect 9.5 includes, hidden on the CD, a PDF995 printer that will convert their drawings to PDF. For now, this is all I really need but I will look into your suggestions.

        Thanks again,