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  • Foundation for Conservatory

    I will be putting up a Victorian conservatory and am looking for the best foundation option. I was told I could pour a slab of cement 4" thick on 2" styrofoam and that would suffice. I was also told I could pour a foundation and build a wood floor over an enxisting cement slab. I would like to know the most functional and least costly as this room is quite heavy and I don't want anything to happen to it! I live in Michigan and it gets quite cold here. I would really appreciate your advice on this quandry!!

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    Re: Foundation for Conservatory

    Friend.....with all due respect it is impossible to advise you what to do given the few short sentences you provide about your project ? It would be like asking a dentist to give you an estimate over the phone to fix a mouth full.....?

    JLC is a peer to peer support forum for construction professionals. See JLC guidelines below. Are you a construction professional by chance ? We wouldn't be much help to you if you are not. It would be very difficult for you to relate your project here in a way we could help you.

    I think you will do better at the forum noted below or contact your local trade / construction professional to gather additional information.

    JLC-Online is a professional construction industry website. The JLC-Online Forums are provided as a free service to help construction professionals share ideas and get answers to their questions about business and technical topics. Only persons with a professional affiliation to the construction industry should post questions or responses.

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      Re: Foundation for Conservatory

      The company building the conservatory should be able to answer all of your questions. If you haven't selected the company yet, the architect or designer who is designing it should be able to explain it to you.

      The building will require a permit and that permit will have drawings including foundation details.