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R value of solid wood walls

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    Re: R value of solid wood walls

    Davenorthup beat me to the question. You can't have a tag like that without a story behind it.


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      Re: R value of solid wood walls

      Okay then Dave & Andy;

      You can't imagine how many times I've been asked that question. Here goes;

      We were working on one of those little vacation homes for a very famous lady celebrity, who shall remain un-named. You know the kind, the little cabin in the woods, 8,000 sq.ft. of log opulence. With the 1st floor walls stacked and 2nd floor on and sheeted, I was routering out for the electrical boxes on the 1st floor and had sent a helper to finish drilling the holes for the wiring down through the latest logs stacked on the 2nd floor. When I gave him the instructions, I specifically told him to stay on the other side of the house, as I would be working on this particular wall. I told him 3 times and made him confirm that he understood me each time, then sent him on his way. About 15 min. later he took it upon himself to put 10' of extension on his 1 1/4" ships auger and proceed to go around the perimeter of the building and do a final clean-out of all the holes. I think you can guess where this is going. Yep! As I was clearing the chips out of the box I was working on, he drilled an 1 1/2" of my trigger finger off. Oh, Happy Day!! So both of you know Jackson, small town, everybody knows everybody, with a lot of guys named Tom. It came down to any time someone mentioned the name Tom, it was usually followed by the question, "Which Tom?" Shortly after, to save confusion they just dropped my real name and I became "The Finger". I even won a snowboard in a drawing from the local radio station, and when I went to pick it up, the manager, that I'd known for about 4 years, refused to give it to me. I had to bring witness's to convince him that my real name wasn't Tom Finger! It grew from there to where anyone that I knew, instead of waving at each other in passing, we would flipped each other off. Then there was the rumor of my affair with said un-named celebrity, in which I had left my finger in her hole. Those people always had a good sense of humor there and when I think back about them, I usually start craking-up.
      One good thing that came out of it though, is that I get 10% off of every manicure!

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        Re: R value of solid wood walls

        Originally posted by Dick Seibert View Post

        That's not a misprint, your mother's log home is really 10,000 square feet and the utilities are less than your 2,700 square foot home? There are several T&G gasket systems running from bulb rubber gaskets to "V-ing" and scribing the logs with fiberglass in the "Vs", do you know which system she has? If correct, you're pitting my plans back on track!

        Hers is a little over twenty years old right now and was considered state of the art back then. 3 story with subterranean first and well used fireplaces on every floor. Mine is a little over 100 years old and far from state of the art. The wallpaper will move if the wind blows hard.

        She is heavily shaded with deciduous (pardon spelling, leaves fall off in winter) trees and the entire roof system is timber frame under t&g 2x6 clear cedar and SIPs panels laid on top of that. It creates a pretty tight envelope. She also is a big believer in cross ventilation (no AC unless absolutely needed) and burns a fire in the basement fireplaces almost all winter long.

        I don't know the brand. She is very cost concious and adjusts her lifestyle to fit the seasons.

        See y'all on Monday

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