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Mounting Objects to Cinder Block Walls

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  • Mounting Objects to Cinder Block Walls

    I have a dust collection system that I would like to mount to a cinder block basement wall. But I'm concerned about the stress it may put on the wall. The DC system weighs 110 pounds and is 7 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It has a steel bracket for mounting to a wall. The bracket area that attaches to the wall is approx 2 feet wide and 18 inches tall, with 2 pieces of angle iron that come out at 90 degrees to hold the dust collector.

    Can this be mounted to a cinder block wall with concrete screws or anchors? Will the blocks hold the weight, or could the anchors rip out of the wall and damage the blocks.

    Would it be advisable to run some 2x6's from the floor to the height of the bracket and attach them to the cinder blocks and then mount the bracket to the 2x6's? This way the weight would be carried more on the 2x6's then the cinder block. It may be better to run the 2x6's from the floor all the way to the joists above.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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      Re: Mounting Objects to Cinder Block Walls

      Epoxy Anchors with all thread


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        Re: Mounting Objects to Cinder Block Walls

        110 lbs over 14 square feet isn't much of a load. 110 lbs even if the load spread is only 14 square inches isn't much of a load. You could fasten it just about anyway you want. I'd just shoot it to the wall w/ powder actuated fasteners. If you don't have access to these the tapcons would work well and they're almost as easy.