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Flexible Gas Line

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  • Flexible Gas Line

    I am installing a pool heater outside. I wanted to use the flexible gas line because I feel it will be much easier. I had a few questions. First of all can this be buried? What do I have to do to run it underground? Second, where can I buy this and the fittings to go with it? I plan I doing this myself. Thanks

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    Re: Flexible Gas Line

    Good news is that rated flexible pipe, fittings and installation tools are available at a plumbing supply house.
    Bad news is they won't sell it to unlicensed people. Let's see now, why is that? No kinks, fittings properly installed, air pressure tested with a 5 or 10 psi gauge, not a 20, etc., etc....
    This is probably a time to just hire a plumber to do it the way they recommend.




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      Re: Flexible Gas Line



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        Re: Flexible Gas Line

        The suppliers of flexible gas materials are supposed to confirm that you are a contractor (mechanical) before you can purchase - but many times, its loose as a goose. For CSST, one is supposed to have been trained on proper installtiona and fitting techiniques, be tested, and have an installers card. HOWEVER, csst is not suitable for underground unless you install it in a conduit (PVC pipe). OR you can buy PE (polyethylene) gas pipe (the same yellow stuff the gas utility uses) and 'stab-on' end terminations (no need for fusion welding). Gastite by Titeflex sells PE piping and fittings and to my knowledge, you do not have to be trained on installation of this material.

        It IS expensive but the only way to go in my opinion.


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          Re: Flexible Gas Line

          Lorin Said "Gastite by Titeflex sells PE piping and fittings and to my knowledge, you do not have to be trained on installation of this material."

          That's painfully obviously where the last several Gastite installations that I inspected were gawd awful and potentially dangerous.

          Vinyl clothes dryer vent tubing is still available as well. Go figure.



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            Re: Flexible Gas Line

            Allow me to clarify myself. To install Gastite CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing), one DOES have to be ceritfied by a short training course and have available a certification card at the point of purchase.

            Gastite also sells PE tubing which is the yellow polyethylene pipe that is meant for underground service only - It it not legal to install inside of a building (or even underneath one). But the PE tubing with the 'stab on' fittings is pretty fool proof and such that it is installed outside premises, certification is not necessary.

            Agree, though, I have seen some pretty shoddy CSST installations.