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Spray foam odor and Zinsser BINS?

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  • Spray foam odor and Zinsser BINS?

    1 week ago I had closed cell foam sprayed in a master bedroom reno. The ceiling is an unvented cathedral. The foam still has an odor. It isn't terrible (hits you when you walk in the room but get used to it fairly quickly. The foam job looks good. No soft spots and good texture anywhere I have cut some out. Wondering if I should continue ventilating for a while or if covering the foam with a coat or 2 of Zinsser BINS would be a good idea.....or intumescent paint? Other idea was to cover with a plastic vapor barrier before drywall. Suggestions? Plan on talking to installer too but wanted more than one opinion. Thanks in advance!

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    What does the manufacturer have to say about it?


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      Do not paint it, let it cure!