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What kind of siding is this?

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  • What kind of siding is this?

    I am slowly...very slowly, siding my house with vinyl and I am removing the old composite siding beforehand. I can't find any instance on the internet of what it is called. One piece measures 48" long X 10" wide and it has a similar texture like roofing. It is fairly soft IMG0150A.jpgIMG0151A.jpgIMG0152A.jpgand very fibrous. Of course this has been painted. As you can see it has vertical grooves. The one piece on the ground is the back and has been broken and you can see the fiber sticking out of the end. Thank you in advance for your help!

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    That looks like asphalt siding. It may be impregnated with asbestos.

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      Insul-shake. Canadian. It was around from the 40's to the late 70's. Insul-brick was the more popular variant. I'm not aware that any of it contained asbestos.
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