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green stuff on wood siding

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  • green stuff on wood siding

    It appears that I have a green type mold growing on my oil stained lap cedar siding on the north side of my home ... it is near a kitchen window .... The house wall is 2x6 / 24"oc / 1" sprayed foam w/ R-19 fiberglass batt w/ 6 mill vapor barrier over interior stud wall with 5/8" sheetrock. There is 1" dow foam brd on the exterior part of the wall with 15# felt between the cedar siding (the siding was back primed w/oil stain) and the foam. This part of the home is over a conditioned crawl space with a concrete floor.

    1. What may be causing this? (does not appear on any other location on the house)

    2. How can I clean it off without messing up the stain on the wood? It is directly above a planting bed ... flowers, bushes.

    Thanks for any help.
    richard miller
    northern indiana

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      Re: green stuff on wood siding

      What about the felt? Could the fact that felt has a perm value of about 5 be a problem? Could the fact that felt absorbs water after time, and the excess moisture is allowing mold to grow? The temperature conditions are right, the mold spores are there, the nutrients are there, and the moisture is there. All four conditions are met for mold growth.

      To the owner, where is the home located - area of the country?


      Bill Chapman


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