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    I moved from California to Utah and started contracting in November with payroll for my wife and I in our small S Corp. I just realized that Quickbooks used California for all the payroll deductions; unemployment, SDI, etc. What do I do now? I can't redo the checks drawn as they have been cashed. Although I have an account in Utah they never sent me the letter with the deduction percentages. I have all the Utah forms ready when needed in payroll but I did not create the Utah deductions in "payroll items". Do I delete all the California deductions in the "payroll items" and add the Utah? I am assuming that I can manually modify last months deductions for the W-2 for the California return and manually add the November duductions for Utah. What a mess! tia

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    You will have to do everything manually. You need to split up payroll between California and Utah. for the forth quarter you file California reports with California wages and Utah reports with Utah wages. when you do your w-2, all wages will be reported for earnings, fed w/h and SS/med. In the state section at the bottom, you will list two states with the appropriate w/h. you may want to considering an accountant in Utah to help you straighten it out.


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      Thanks Marven. I am calling QB Payroll next. I have a CPA too.


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        Originally posted by GregoryW View Post
        Thanks Marven. I am calling QB Payroll next. I have a CPA too.

        My CPA does all the interaction with QuickBooks, she sets up payroll with them, accountants have a special number to call to resolve these issues, I wouldn't attempt it myself, I've been in her office when she has called them and it can get confusing especially with multiple states. You left us too, another emigrant, did you go to escape taxes? Here is one guy's reasons for leaving;

        I lasted for 44 years before jumping ship.
        My personal list of reasons:

        1. cost of living
        2. crime
        3. Govt regulation
        4. taxes
        5. liberal idealogy
        6. illegal immigration
        7. traffic
        8. generally angry people

        That's probably enough for now.