View Full Version : Plaster patching

Norm Yeager
04-17-2004, 10:01 PM
I'm doing a job right now that has sustained some water damaged plaster. The plaster installation was directly over an exterior brick wall and wet for years. Appx. 100sq. ft. was previously removed and has to be patched back in to the adjacent wall plaster.I've done plenty of drywall finishing.concrete finishing and some stuccoing. It seems as though our plaster guy is planning to go to go to the Bahamas with the money he wants to make on the job.I don't begrudge him a fair profit but he's raised his price 250% since giving a price that we bid the job with.My question is this. Anyone have any thoughts about doing this job in house or would it be wise to patch it back in with drywall? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

alan ernstsen
04-18-2004, 11:52 AM
Norm, if you do it 'in-house', you get the Bahama trip! I think I'd forego shimming w/drywall and just work to fill the cavity, I'd install ties or anchors in the brick grout at a regular frequency and use structo-lite plaster for the fill, being careful to get a good contact. Don't rush to screed it (maybe five minutes later if it's not setting too fast), then move on to filling the low spots and pocks. Screed again, and you'll be close to finishing up. At this juncture, I'd tape all the edges (which by the way I'd have straightened out as much as possible in anticipation of taping). Skim a time or two, Fini. Hope this helps, Best, Al